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WASHINGTON, DC (June 4, 2012) – Guided by a highly experienced energy editor, Smart Grid Today's seasoned team of reporters delivers the advice and opinions from electric industry leaders, grid experts and managers, standardization advocates, technology groundbreakers, regulatory and legislative insiders, power business analysts, independent researchers and many more.

Smart Grid Today features independent, unbiased reporting on the development of regulatory policy, technological and service advancements, security and customer service challenges, legal issues, business wins and failures and more - boiled down to our signature concise, easy-to-read writing style.

Our reporters track down the key insiders modernizing the grid, revealing exclusive insights on what is working and what to watch out for.

If you are serious about the smart grid and want original content you can't find anywhere else, Smart Grid Today is for you.

What you get from Smart Grid Today

As a subscriber to Smart Grid Today, you get the strategic insight you need to navigate the emerging trends and applications in the modern utility industry every business day, including:

  • Advice and opinions from electric industry leaders, grid experts and managers, standardization advocates, technology groundbreakers, regulatory and legislative insiders, power business analysts, independent researchers and many more -- with special attention to what is working in the field and what is not;

  • Real-life experiences and strategies of stakeholders in all facets of the modern utility industry around the globe including utilities, developers, manufacturers, technology providers, consultants, government officials and networking firms;

  • Regulatory and legislative developments at local, regional and national levels and the opinions and plans of policymakers driving development of the industry;

  • Cutting-edge utility technologies and standards being developed and tested to deliver high quality, cost effective services, and maybe most important of all ...

  • Slicing through the hyperbole to the real-world challenges, successes and unexpected consequences of decisions your peers, competitors and/or customers are making.

Plus you get complete access to these online products and tools:

  • A complete online archive of searchable articles and downloadable PDF issues -- every article and issue published since Smart Grid Today's inception;

  • A private, subscriber-only discussion forum where you can make valuable contacts and connections -- ask questions, seek opinions and offer advice -- with other professionals in the modern utility world;

  • A 10% or more discount on selected items including Smart Grid Today's industry reports and web-based conferences with industry experts plus audio/video recordings of those events;

  • Communication with our editors by phone or email when you have questions, comments or need more information;

  • An events calendar with listings of upcoming events covering the modern utility, smart grid and metering, onsite power, smart building/energy management and other relevant topics (also available to non-subscribers), and

  • A glossary of abbreviations and lingo that brings the jargon of our industry into clear focus (also available to non-subscribers).

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Praise for Smart Grid Today

Here is what your peers have told us they like about Smart Grid Today:

"Important, current and applicable to our projects."
     -- Allen Yoho, American Electric Power

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     -- Michael Engel, PSEG

"Up-to-date news that is relevant."
     -- Amy Blackshaw, Constellation New Energy

"The information is timely and accurate."
     -- Dave Santa Maria, Northeast Utilities

"It is timely, comprehensive and has areas that no one else does. We appreciate the daily notice on what is going on as smart grid develops."
     -- Tim Anderson, Illinois Commerce Commission

"Fast and true information."
     -- Miguel Angel Sanchez-Fornie, Iberdrola

"Good source of information that is not easily available elsewhere."
     -- Stephen Legere, Current Group

"Compact form, no advertisements."
     -- Martin Leitl-Nobel, BSH Home Appliances Corp

"Timely, national, ahead of most media in understanding the smart grid transition."
     -- Jack Greenhalgh, New Era Energy

"I've dropped other subscriptions. Yours is the best. I like the writing style -- short, to the point articles. Most timely topics -- you have things no one else covers. You are 'now' while everyone else sounds like the old school guys."
     -- Linda Warner, Itron

"Concise. A great new resource."
     -- Cathy Heiman, GE Energy

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About Smart Grid Today

Smart Grid Today's mission is to deliver daily, unbiased, comprehensive and original reporting on emerging trends, applications and policies driving the modern utility industry -- in a signature format that features highly concise and easy-to-understand news copy based on trusted reporting, exclusive interviews, informed analysis and strategic insights that our subscribers rely on to succeed every business day. Smart Grid Today is published 247 times a year by Modern Markets Intelligence, Inc. (MMI), publisher of independent trade news for the evolving energy industry of the 21st century. It is located in Rockville, Md. Sam Spencer founded MMI in 2009 after writing, editing, marketing, publishing, running and inventing trade news publications and related products for three decades.


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