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Resurrecting the money-saving promise of residential dynamic pricing -- A Smart Grid Today webinar

Smart Grid Today's June 6 webinar to feature experts outlining the history of DP, what can be done to remove obstacles to wider implementation and who's in favor of DP and opposed to it and why scheduled.

WASHINGTON, DC (May 19, 2012) -- California's IOUs and then many other utilities saw dynamic pricing (DP) as a major benefit from AMI in the mid-2000s. Smart meters would let utilities sell power for prices that better reflected their own costs, making AMI a boon, not just for themselves, but for their customers as well.

Then came explosions of concerns over the accuracy of smart meters, health effects, privacy and cybersecurity. At the same time, special-interest groups objected that DP would harm low-income, elderly and ill customers.

As a result, some utilities abandoned AMI plans while others gave up their focus on customer benefits. DP receded into the background.

But DP was a good idea then, and it remains one today. FERC staff in a 2009 study found residential DP alone could trim 10% of national peak demand. Few, if any, utilities or commissioners speak out against DP. Yet not a single utility has voluntarily, or by PUC order, implemented it as a base rate.

What can be done to end this hugely wasted opportunity and restore momentum to the drive for DP?

Smart Grid Today's webinar "Resurrecting the moneysaving promise of residential dynamic pricing" scheduled for Wednesday, June 6, 2012 from 2:30-4:00 PM ET will feature these industry experts outlining the history of DP, what can be done to remove obstacles to wider implementation and who's in favor of DP and opposed to it and why:

  • Paul Centollela, former commissioner, Ohio Public Utilities Commission;

  • Ahmad Faruqui, principal, The Brattle Group;

  • Barbara Alexander, Consumer Affairs Consultant, and

  • Peter Honebein, cofounder, Customer Performance Group

Here are some of the questions you'll get answers to when you attend this in-depth, 90-minute webinar:

  • What is the genesis of dynamic pricing (DP)?

  • Are peak-time rebates a form of DP or a form of demand response?

  • What do utilities, the AMI industry (hardware and software vendors, IT firms, consultancies) and demand-response firms have to gain -- or to worry about -- from the implementation of DP?

  • Can mandatory universal DP be sweetened enough to appeal to residential consumers?

  • Should there be such a thing as mandatory DP?

  • What, if anything, will impel state regulators to get behind mandatory universal DP? Or is that even a desirable outcome?

  • Will anything less than mandatory universal DP accomplish the desired aims?

  • Are utilities obligated (ethically? legally?) to ensure customers are paying the lowest price for power when it is offering multiple choices, including dynamic rates?

  • … and much more!

Details about Smart Grid Today's "Resurrecting the moneysaving promise of residential dynamic pricing" webinar is available at or by calling +1-301-769-6804 (888-471-4447 toll-free in the US and Canada).

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