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Industry report reveals striking insights, warnings and strategies from experts at the heart of the cybersecurity industry

Based on exclusive interviews with electric utility experts at the heart of the cybersecurity industry, "CYBER inSECURITY" debunks many myths about securing the modern grid and offers tangible options for utilities working to achieve the secure, safe and reliable delivery of the energy that fuels modern society.

WASHINGTON, DC (May 15, 2012) -- In recent months, Smart Grid Today published a groundbreaking series of articles with some startling revelations about the vulnerability of the grid to cyber-attack -- and exposing big mistakes that electric utilities and the organizations that serve them are making in trying to protect their infrastructure.

That series and some related articles have been rolled into a new, affordable industry report titled, "CYBER inSECURITY," with advice on what is not working and what utilities can do to better achieve their century-old, solemn dedication to the secure, safe and reliable delivery of the energy that fuels modern society.

Unfortunately, some utilities laboring to address cybersecurity issues are making poor choices, said experts in exclusive interviews in this report. Some utilities that have reached full AMI deployment -- as well as those just stepping into the smart grid sphere -- are making mistakes that likely have caused serious vulnerabilities.

Many myths about securing the modern grid are debunked in this report -- and tangible options are offered for utilities, based on exclusive interviews with sources on the front lines. This industry report is not available anywhere else and delivers striking insights, warnings and strategies from experts at the heart of the cybersecurity industry including: NESCO CEO Patrick Miller, control systems expert Joe Weiss, George Arnold of NIST, Next Generation Micro CEO Sean McGurk, Brian Harrell and Tim Roxey of NERC and many others.

The rules are changing

With more inclusive NERC CIP reliability standard iterations likely on the way, utilities will need to upgrade cybersecurity capabilities no matter what. NERC is conducting more oversight audits than before and it is calling for improved vertical information sharing, sources told the author of the report, Zachary Colman, Washington DC reporter for Smart Grid Today.

NERC CIP standards have evolved using an understanding based on IT information assurance security -- but NERC since realized that approach was wrong and is shifting to a broader, more inclusive standards regime with its planned NERC CIP Version 5. The approach calls for relying on auxiliary groups to interpret and analyze information and to perform "pseudo-translations." That change is essential for the industrial control systems and IT communities that work on the same utility cybersecurity issues but often speak different languages, experts told us. Yet meanwhile, utilities are still struggling with the current CIP version.

Security is doable, but pricey

As US policymakers and thought leaders tout the benefits of the smart grid as essential to the growth of the industry in the 21st century, the threats are manageable -- with informed decision-making.

The cost of compliance can be significant and finding the right cybersecurity professionals to manage the grid and make the best decisions can be difficult. Instead of assuming that IT security specialists can handle the attacks on grid operations, utilities need to hire security specialists with an interdisciplinary background in engineering and IT to match the power grid's unique characteristics.

Needed abilities include protecting customer data coming through smart meters, securing control systems and checking substations and other field devices.

Smart Grid Today's exclusive industry report, "CYBER inSECURITY" helps utilities keep up with the fast-changing tools and strategies needed to achieve the secure, safe and reliable delivery of the energy that fuels modern society.

This meticulously researched and carefully constructed 29-page report helps utilities meet their grid security goals by:

  • Debunking myths about securing the modern grid;

  • Offering tangible management strategies for utilities and firms working with them on cybersecurity -- the report is based on exclusive interviews with experts at the heart of the cybersecurity industry who believe industry stakeholders have serious work ahead of them to make the grid truly secure;

  • Explaining how to make good personnel choices to address cybersecurity issues;

  • Illustrating mistakes utilities have made that have caused serious vulnerabilities;

  • Breaking down upcoming NERC CIP reliability standard iterations so utilities can prepare for them;

  • Assisting utilities in keeping up with the fast-changing tools and strategies needed to maintain their dedication to the secure, safe and reliable delivery of the energy that fuels modern society, and

  • Explaining exactly how NERC plans to bring about improved vertical information sharing.

To get your copy of this no-holds-barred, critical analysis of US grid security, call +1-301-769-6812 main (1-888-637-7776 toll-free in US and Canada) or visit

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