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Smart Grid Pioneers: 50-plus exclusive interviews with the trailblazers making smart grid a reality

An exclusive Smart Grid Today industry report

WASHINGTON, DC (November 11, 2011) -- The smart grid is, in many cases, still experimental. At the same time, there are deployments and certainly many pilots to learn from. Gathered in one document for the first time are over 50 detailed, one-on-one talks with industry leaders making the smart grid a reality today.

In this 100+ page report, Smart Grid Today's experienced energy journalists interview the electric industry leaders, luminaries, gurus and field captains who are creating the new digital energy industry.

These exclusive interviews reveal insights, analyses, cautions, tips, tricks, predictions, fears, hopes and realizations about the new frontier in energy technology -- and are now available in "Smart Grid Pioneers," an exclusive industry report from Smart Grid Today - the independent journal of the digital energy industry.

No other source offers the wealth of useful knowledge and experience that Smart Grid Today works to compile every business day -- and no other report offers the very best examples of that exclusive reporting over the last 12 months.

Smart Grid Today's "Smart Grid Pioneers" special report features exclusive insight and perspective from these industry leaders making the smart grid a reality today:

  • George Arnold, NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology)
  • Aneesh Chopra, Department of Homeland Security
  • Thierry Godart, Siemens
  • Erich Gunther, Smart Grid Interoperability Panel
  • Reed Hundt, Coalition for Green Capital
  • Chris King, EMeter
  • Tom King, National Grid
  • Philip Moeller, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Michael Peevey, California PUC
  • Bob Shapard, GridWise Alliance
  • Michael Assante, National Board of Information Security Examiners
  • R Blake, Comverge
  • Tom Bowles, New Mexico Governor's Office
  • David Brewster, EnerNOC
  • Dave Curry, Demand Energy Networks
  • Joel deJesus, North American Electric Reliability Corporation
  • Steve Delp, Best Buy
  • Larisa Dobriansky, Department of Energy
  • Rick Duke, Department of Energy
  • Patty Durand, Smart Grid Consumer Collaboration
  • Evan Gaddis, National Electrical Manufacturers Association
  • Geraldo Guimaraes, Elster
  • Robert Haastert, Accenture
  • Darren Highfill, UtiliSec
  • Robert Ichord, US Agency for International Development
  • Itai Karelic, Greenlet
  • Willett Kempton, University of Delaware
  • Tim Lindquist, Portus
  • Colum Lundt, Bridge Energy Group
  • Dan Malone, Consumers Energy
  • Kristin Mayes, Arizona Corp Commission
  • Brewster McCracken, Pecan Street Project
  • Paul Molitor, National Electrical Manufacturers Association
  • Austin Montgomery, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Bill Moroney, Utilities Telecom Council
  • Rafi Musher, Stax
  • LeRoy Nosbaum, Itron
  • Robert Powelson, Pennsylvania PUC
  • Pat Romano, Coulomb Technologies
  • Nachum Sadan, Amperion
  • Tatsuya Shinkawa, New Energy & Industrial Technology Development Organization
  • Jonathan Silver, Department of Energy
  • Jeff Stewart, Lawrence Livermore National Lab
  • Kazuyuki Takada, University of New Mexico
  • Scott Trout, Salt River Project
  • Adrian Tuck, Tendril
  • Cheri Warren, National Grid
  • Michael Wyde, National Institute of Health
  • Tom Zarrella, SustainX

Details about Smart Grid Today's "Smart Grid Pioneers" exclusive industry report is available at or by calling +1-301-769-6804 (888-471-4447 toll-free in the US and Canada)." Smart Grid Today Editor Brett Brune is available for interviews about this groundbreaking report.

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