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How to Clear New US Cybersecurity Hurdles -- A Smart Grid Today Webinar

Rockville, MD (November 18, 2011) -- As smart grid deployments grow, so does the need to implement cybersecurity protections. At the same time, new hurdles are appearing: Because of NERC's recently announced fourth version of its critical infrastructure protection (CIP) standards. It is likely that hundreds more utilities will be subject to the standards – and asset owners will no longer self-identify critical cybersecurity assets.

Central questions remain about how and when utilities and government should share threat information with each another. The "cybersecurity-information pipeline" is critical, but creates challenges that both utilities and the public sector need to address.

Developing cybersecurity plans for the smart grid has not been easy. Because utilities in the US are still trying to figure out what the smart grid will ultimately look like, it is difficult to identify how it should be secured.

So what makes utilities and their customers so vulnerable? Should proposed actions to protect the grid be mandatory or voluntary? And what security threats are being kept from utilities in the US -- and why?

Register to attend the latest webinar from Smart Grid Today titled "How to Clear New US Cybersecurity Hurdles" on Wednesday, November 30, 2011. Listen as our panel of experts examines what immediate action needs to be taken to address CIP 4, how cyber-threat information is being handled by both government and the private sector today, and what is likely to change as we develop systems to better protect the grid. For details, please visit

Sharing information about possible cyber threats is just one way that government and the private sector can work together to protect the grid, but what that communications network will look like and what level of sharing will be required is still up for debate. Learn about the options that exist and what steps regulatory agencies and industry players are taking to address this subject as it continues to evolve. You will get the most up-to-date information about changing cybersecurity threats and regulations and how utilities are managing to navigate them. You will even learn how to avoid legal action from inadequate cybersecurity standards.

The information-sharing dynamic between government and the private sector and what that relationship could look like will affect what utilities do to protect the smart grid. Get an insider's perspective on the proposed changes from this panel of industry experts:

  •      Sandy Bacik, principal consultant, EnerNex
  •      Larry Castro, managing director, Chertoff Group
  •      Seán McGurk, CEO, Next Generation Micro
  •      Patrick Miller, president and CEO, NESCO
  •      Brett Brune (moderator), editor, Smart Grid Today

Here is just some of what you will learn during this in-depth, 90-minute webinar:

  • What to adjust, and when, so that CIP 4 does not catch your utility or firm by surprise.
  • How to decide who has the power to control the grid during a cyber-emergency and what should happen during such an event.
  • The interplay between FERC and NERC and what it means for the industry going forward.
  • The government's efforts to persuade the private sector to implement and enforce its own cybersecurity standards.
  • The legal and political challenges of constructing the flow of information.
  • The perceived problems getting undeserved attention and investment.
  • Current laws about information sharing between utilities and whether they help or hinder cybersecurity protection.
  • The reasonability of proposed reporting requirements during physical attacks.
  • How the government plans to disseminate cyber-threat information to the intelligence community and the private sector.
  • What NERC-registered entities can do to properly defend themselves if DHS withholds cyber-threat information.
  • ... and much more!

Details about Smart Grid Today's "How to Clear New US Cybersecurity Hurdles" webinar is available at or by calling +1-301-769-6804 (888-471-4447 toll-free in the US and Canada)."

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