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Cracking the Smart Grid Market in China: Experienced Hands Show the Way -- A Smart Grid Today Webinar

Rockville, MD (April 7, 2011) -- As one of the largest consumers of energy in the world, China is expected to be one of the smart grid's fastest-growing markets. As the country embarks on a massive build-out and upgrade of its grid, smart grid firms worldwide are-or should be-paying close attention. The question is no longer whether to do business in China, but how to go about it.

China is a complex market, with attention focused not only on building basic infrastructure to keep up with load growth but on grid modernization, too. It's what China refers to as its dual "strong and smart" grid approach.

Doing business in China has never been easy. But Smart Grid Today helps pave the way with its latest web conference "Cracking the Smart Grid Market in China: Experienced Hands Show the Way" on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 (multi-media recording available thereafter).

This panel of industry experts will provide lessons-learned from key executives at U.S.-based smart grid companies who have made the most progress in that country and talk about ways to create a strategy for successfully doing business in China:

  • Steve Jennings, Chief Marketing Officer, BPL Global
  • Robert Wilhite, Global Director/Senior Vice President, Management and Operations Consulting, KEMA
  • Jeremy Eaton, Vice President of Energy Solutions, Honeywell
  • An executive from Echelon Corporation (TBD)
  • Brett Brune (Moderator), Editor, Smart Grid Today

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently gave metering and technology firm Echelon a pat on the back for exporting to and doing business in China. Last month, Honeywell announced a planned demand-response pilot with China's State Grid. Last year, BPL Global took part in the Obama administration's business development trade mission to China. And KEMA recently strengthened its presence in China by entering into cooperation agreements with Beijing United Gas Engineering Technology Company and China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation.

Smart Grid Today's “Cracking the Smart Grid Market in China: Experienced Hands Show the Way” Webinar will provide the latest information on up-and-coming opportunities in the Chinese market and offer tips for developing successful partnerships with Chinese firms, including:

  • China's next steps in its smart grid roadmap-and what those mean for companies about to enter the market;
  • Separating fact from fiction and setting realistic goals for doing business with Chinese firms;
  • What Westerners need to know about Chinese business laws;
  • What U.S. companies can learn from China's intense focus on transmission technology development;
  • What you can teach China about using power more efficiently;
  • How U.S. companies can work with Chinese firms on micro-grid projects in China and elsewhere;
  • What we can learn from China's focus on carbon intensity rather than the absolute number;
  • How to prepare for unanticipated challenges before traveling to China, and
  • What China needs from you now-and how your company can fulfill those needs.

Details about Smart Grid Today's “Cracking the Smart Grid Market in China: Experienced Hands Show the Way” Webinar is available at by calling +1-301-769-6804 (888-471-4447 toll-free in US & Canada).

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