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Smart Grid Today Report Reveals Exclusive Regulator Perspectives -- Federal, State Regulators Reveal Hopes, Fears, Druthers for Smart Grid Policy

Rockville, MD (March 23, 2011) -- Kristin Mayes, chairman of the Arizona Corporation Commission, has a problem she's glad about: residents are so anxious to install rooftop solar that they are creating a surplus and exhausting a state-funded rebate program, according to "Regulators Who 'Get' the Smart Grid," a new, exclusive industry report from Smart Grid Today.

In New York, worries that the cost of smart grid projects might strain residents' finances "keep me up at night," Maureen Harris, a commissioner with that state's public service commission, says in the $295, 50-page report.

In economically challenged Michigan, Commission Chairman Orijiakor Isiogu, a former assistant attorney general, refuses to "give a blank check" to utilities seeking to recover costs of smart grid projects, insisting that his role is to be "very pragmatic, very prudent" about balancing costs and benefits, the report says.
Mayes, Harris and Isiogu are just three of a more than a dozen state and federal regulators who shared their concerns, ambitions and hopes over the past year in exclusive interviews with Smart Grid Today, an advertising-free, independent voice, daily publication based in Rockville, MD. The subscription-only publication gathered extraordinary insights into the men and women behind the most massive effort in history to modernize the world's electrical systems.

The report includes accounts of how states are approaching the huge task. For example, Illinois and New York are conducting thorough studies before taking any but the most tentative steps. The report also details efforts in several states toward decoupling utility revenue from sales, a step many believe is critical to the success of energy-efficiency measures.

"Regulators Who 'Get' the Smart Grid," available at or by calling +1-301-769-6804 (888-471-4447 toll-free in US & Canada), contains a helpful glossary defining many of the acronyms used in the smart grid industry.

About Smart Grid Today: The worldwide daily journal of the modern utility industry is published 24x times a year by Modern Markets Intelligence, Inc. The newsletter began publishing in April 2009.
Modern Markets Intelligence Inc., MMI Inc. publishes independent trade news for the evolving energy industry of the 21st century. It is located in Rockville, MD and was founded by Sam Spencer in 2009 after having created and published many trade news publications over the last three decades.

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